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Wai Leong's BioData and Achievements

Updated 6th November 2000 - Ng Wai Leong : Asia Formula 2000 Champion!

Over the last weekend, the penultimate round for the Asia Formula 2000 Championship was held at Zhuhai International Circuit, China. Unlike this season’s Formula 1, the championship was decided right at the very end with our Malaysia’s Ng Wai Leong scoring enough points to win both the drivers and team championship for the year.
Wai Leong’s supremacy began on Saturday, where he clocked both faster times than his nearest two rivals in the championship, none other than India’s Sureshwaren and Briton Goddard. Only France’s Phillip Descombes, a non-championship contender clocked a faster time than Wai Leong by 0.602 seconds. Wai Leong however responded by clocking the fastest time in the next qualifying round, ahead of Goddard and Sureshwaren yet again.
His new found speed was quite amazing, considering his two 3rd placings behind Sureshwaren and Goddard at the last races at Zhuhai a month back. In fact, after the last race at Zhuhai, Wai Leong concluded that Goddard has definitely a better chance at the championship as he had the speed, perhaps due to fresher engines – a notable fact as Goddard runs Ghiasport and can opt for the best engine for the weekend. Goddard also regards Zhuhai as his home track – as clearly seen from his easy two victories in the last round. Perhaps, Wai Leong personally would have like to start as the underdog and win, a strategy which proved effective now.
In the first race ( Round 13 ), Wai Leong outdragged Frenchmen Phillip Descombes and was first into the first turn. His race tactic worked as the Frenchmen was holding Sureshwaren and Goddard respectively. Eventhough not competing in the championship, the Frenchman’s 2nd placing meant that Wai Leong was never challenged during the race.
Round 14, Wai Leong knew he had a tougher race ahead as Mark Goddard was alongside him at the grid. Making a perfect getaway, he blasted off and never looked behind. He left Goddard to dice with Sureshwaren and worked on getting further from the action. In the end, Wai Leong was ahead of Goddard and Sureshawren. Eventhough Goddard posted fastest lap times on both rounds, he could not challenge Wai Leong for the lead.
The final championship points standing reads ; Ng Wai Leong at 220 points, Parthiva Sureshwaren at 210 points and finally Mark Goddard; six points behind at 204.
A very happy Wai Leong attributed his race victory to his Meritus Team's preparation and mentioned that the victory was also deserved by his excellent team; race engineer Martin Quick and crew. Coincidentally, Meritus also won the International Entrants Championship with 246 points from Ghiasports, who had 240 points. Meritus must be very proud of this achievement as Ghiasport had 4 drivers whereas Meritus had only one entrant; Wai Leong himself.
Meritus team manager Firhat Mokhzani promises to try to repeat this performance for next year’s season – an early warning to the other teams. Finally, Team Owner Peter Thompson must also be basking in sweet victory after a very fruitful year's outing.
Congratulations to Wai Leong and the crew of Meritus Team! Till next season!

Footnote : Wai Leong honed his driving talent from karting - a fact that brought him to his success today, just like the Schumachers, Mika Hakinnen, Ayrton Senna and latest F1 sensation; Jenson Button. Want to be the next F1 star? Get a kart and practise, practise........

16th October 2000 : Wai Leong drops to second in championship standing after Zhuhai!
Ng Wai Leong, after his double triumphs at Bira was looking forward to China's Zhuhai race, which was held at the previous weekend earlier this month ( Oct 7th & 8th ). He however had mixed results after finishing 7th in the first race and 3rd in the second race.
He qualified in both rounds in 3rd spot, behind India's Sureshwaren and a very fast Mark Goddard on Saturday. In the first race ( Rd. 11 ), Wai Leong started well and immediately gained a place ahead of Sureshwaren and was trailing Goddard. In his pursuit of the Briton, he made a mistake while driving and spun out, allowing Sureshwaren and gaggle of Chinese & HK drivers to pass through. Wai Leong recovered immediately and finished in a low 7th. Lucky for him, the other finishers after 2nd placed Sureshwaren were not championship contenders and were awarded vital 3rd place points.
In the next race ( Rd. 12 ), Goddard clearly with a more powerful engine & local track advantage blasted off from the start and left the other two rivals for the title; Wai Leong and Sureshwaren to dice for 2nd spot. After several exciting overtaking maneuvers, Wai Leong wisely settled for 3rd spot as not to risk making another mistake like in the previous race. He was 3 seconds behind Sureshwaren at the fall of the flag.
The current points’ standing is Sureshwaren now leads the points table at 183 points. Wai Leong is five points behind at 178 and Goddard at 177 points respectively. So unlike Formula 1, the championship will only be decided at the final round of the championship next month.
The penultimate round will also be held at Zhuhai Circuit on the 4th & 5th November and let’s hope Wai Leong finds the additional speed in the last two races to allow him to retain his title in the meantime!
Be there to wave your Malaysian flag high and support Wai Leong!



12th September 2000 - Wai Leong scores a double!

Ng Wai Leong repeated his double victory feat  at the last Formula Asia 2000 championship meeting ( held on 2 & 3rd Sept ) at the Bira track, located in Pattaya, Thailand. His last double victory was in Pasir Gudang, way back in May.

The weekend started very well for our young man as he made pole position on Saturday, clear by more than a second from his two nearest rivals; Pathiva Sureshwaren and Mark Goddard. Wai Leong was claimed to be more familiar with the Bira circuit than his two rivals, hence making his task a bit easier. However, he was also not handed a victory without any problems of his own.

The Meritus driver battled with some gear problems throughout the race.  "I am very pleased with this weekend's performance. I know it has been quite a wait." added Wai Leong after the race. Wai Leong finished the races with 154 points and is currently leading the standings with a mere one point from Indian Parthiva Sureshwaren with 153 points. Mark is at a distant 3rd at 135 points but his threat can never be discounted.

The next leg of the championship stops in Zhuhai on the 7 & 8th October. The track is the home track of Mark Goddard, so we can expect some fireworks from the Briton then.

Be there to hold the Malaysian flag high and support Wai Leong!


  See the action pictures from the Bira AFOS race! Click Here!



14th August 2000 - Another Exciting Weekend for Wai Leong at Sepang!

Racing at Sepang!

On the 29th & 30th July, the Asian Formula 2000 championship had its series run at our world class Formula 1 circuit; the Sepang F1 Circuit. On hand to make the impressive line of drivers was no other than our own Ng Wai Leong.
In Round 6, Wai Leong’s archrival, Parthiva Sureshwaren of India surged ahead from pole to take the cheqeured flag. Wai Leong came a distant second with Mark Goddard ( Ghiasports Racing ) snapping at his heels. Wai Leong’s car was lacking on top speed but somehow managed to keep Goddard at bay with an impressive drive.
On Sunday, Round 7 & 8 were held. As though the track action was not thick enough, the sky’s opened up at made the race in Round 7 more interesting. The race even had to be restarted after an on track incident. The restart saw Sureshwaren making a bad start and dropped to the rear of the field. In the end, Mark Goddard who capitalised on the wet conditions and notably faster car finished first with Sureshwaren second, after a determined drive. Wai Leong, again lacked the top speed at the fast track of Sepang, finished third 4 seconds behind the Indian.
The most exciting race of the day was surely Round 8. Wai Leong, determined to make amends to his 2nd & 3rd placing were making sure he score first in the final race of the weekend. He started reasonable well, with Sureshwaren in tow. The lead position changed hand a few times until the inevitable happened.
Sureshwaren made an error going wide into the first second corner combo and Wai Leong sensing the chance dove inside to pass. His move was not entirely successful as Sureshwaren regained grip and turned in on the path of Wai Leong. The collision resulted a damage nose and front wing for Wai Leong, which made the handling all the worse. Sureshwaren was not luckier also as his rear left strut was also bent and made his rear wheels out of alignment. With both the younger drivers tangling with one another, Goddard passed into 1st place.
The two had a further go at each other until Wai Leong overtook Sureshwaren at Turn 4 on the outside to regain second place. At the fall of the flag, Goddard was 1st, Wai Leong 2nd and Sureshwaren was again a close third.
Wai Leong was later queried by the Clerk of Course and reprimanded for the collision with Sureshwaren in Round 8. He however kept his points for 2nd placing.
Sureshwaren now leads Wai Leong with 126 to 112 points and Goddard at 108 points. The closeness of all three drivers promise an exciting remaining races at Bira ( Thailand ) & Zhuhai ( China ).
Catch the action of Wai Leong at his next race at Bira ( Thailand ) on the 2nd & 3rd September! Be there to cheer our Malaysian Ace!


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23rd July 2000 - Mixed Fortunes for Wai Leong at Batu Tiga

At the last Asian Formula 2000 races held at the Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit on the 6th & 7th July, Wai Leong recorded a mix bag of results in the three races he participated.
In the first race ( Round 3 ), Wai Leong started strongly from 2nd position on the grid, behind Sureshwaren. Due to a minor touch with fellow competitor Mark Goddard, his front wing was bent slightly, he lost ground slowly to the front two. More excitement came when Goddard and Suresh took each other out on the last corner in an attempt to overtake while on the apparently last lap. Wai Leong, who saw the accident also thought he clinched victory after crossing the line and drove straight into parc ferme. However, victory was not to be his as the marshal’s mistake in displaying the final lap board one lap early meant that the race was still on!
After a formal protest by the Meritus team of Wai Leong, the organisers decided to award the first place to Wai Leong. He was however penalised for speeding in the pitlane and earned a minute penalty and hence finished in 7th place. Wai Leong, together with the Meritus team accepted the decision in view of good sportsmanship.
In the second race ( Round 4 ) the following day, Wai Leong did better and finished 2nd behind Sureshwaren while Goddard spun out early on lap 1, but clawed backed to third spot.
The last race ( Round 5 ) of the weekend was another nail biter, with the three challengers ( Wai Leong, Sureshwaren, Goddard ) fighting all the way. Wai Leong however manage to overtake Goddard on the last lap but Goddard however collided with Wai Leong in the ensuing counter attack, leaving Wai Leong with three wheels to limp home in 6th position. Goddard, despite losing his nose in the desperate move finished 2nd position, much to the disgust of the spectators.
Sureshwaren currently leads the championship at 77 points with Wai Leong at 74 points. Goddard is third with a distant 58 points. The next race will be held at the Sepang Formula 1 Circuit on the July 29th & 30th. Be there to support Wai Leong and the Meritus Racing Team!


27th & 28th May 2000
Wai Leong wins both races at the recent Asian Festival of Speed round 1 at Pasir Gudang, Malaysia! At his first two races of this season, he made a clean sweep of the podium for both races even when he started from sixth position on the grid for race1! For race 2, he bolted off from pole position and won convincingly from India's Parthiva Sureshwaren and Briton Mark Goddard. In the race, he also set the fastest lap of  Pasir Gudang circuit at 1 minute 33.69 seconds. His convincing wins have more than assured his new team; Meritus Racing Team, that they  have  made the  right  choice  in  signing him up for the season!
Next round will be at the  Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit in Shah Alam, on the 8th & 9th July 2000.  Be  there  to support Wai Leong!!


Starting Young...
Ng Wai Leong, Malaysia's multiple times National Kart Champion has come a long way from his Cadet class days, to what he is  today.  Introduced  by his father;  Mr. Ng Kim Kee,  into the  sport of karting at the tender age of 9, Wai Leong has since  progressed into faster machinery and currently still wins consistently  in the Formula 100 International class. He has much to thank; from his father's coaching to his own relentless dedication to the sport, for his success.

Internationally Exposed Champion

World Exposure...
Wai Leong's  motorsports  pursuit  in fact took him into the international scene, with  the  participation  of the Asian Formula 2000 Series in 1997 & 1998. He was then attached to the  Team  Marlboro  Castrol  Meritus,   finishing  second overall in both years. Despite his commitment to the world class  racing  during those  years,  Wai Leong  still  competes in kart racing and as his results show, he  has lost  none  of  his  karting  skills, despite moving to different type of auto racing.
In fact, Wai Leong was recently drafted into another Asian Formula 2000 team in the bid to assist the team's championship challenge and he successfully assisted the team in securing the championship for the year. Despite his one year lay off due to City Karting Enterprise's expansion activities, he demonstrated that he still has THE RIGHT STUFF to mix it with the more regular runners, even with limited track time and driving stints.
The Future...
Due to his success, Wai Leong is now offered again a drive in the Asia Formula 2000 Championship with Meritus Racing Team and is seeking actively for sponsorship avenues.



Racing for Malaysia!!

Racing for you...

For Sponsorship possibilities, Wai Leong will be most delighted to speak to you. Please contact him!

NAME Ng Wai Leong

Ng Wai Leong

Nationality Malaysian
Date of Birth 1st March 1975
Address Level 1, Quadrant C, Shah Alam Stadium, Section 13, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
License AAM
Asia Formula 2000
Type of Blood O+
Ambition To be a successful race driver
Proven Champion...
For some of his karting success, the following is a modest list of his results.
1988 Ipoh Kart Prix National Champion
1988 Port Dickson Kart Prix Champion
1988 Bangi Runner up
1988 Taiping Kart Prix D.N.F
1988 End Of The Season Finished As National Champion
1989 Ipoh Kart Prix National Champion
1989 Port Dickson Kart Prix D.N.F
1989 Klang Kart Prix Champion
1989 MPPJ Asean Kart Prix National Champion
1989 Club Race Series 6 Round Champion
1989 End Of The Season Finished As National Champion
1990 Bangkok Asean Kart Prix International 8th Place
1990 Kajang Asean Kart Prix 2nd Round 4th Place
1990 Kuantan Kart Prix 4th Place
1990 MPPJ Kart Prix 3th Place
1990 Club Race Series 6th Round National Champion
1991 MPPJ Kart Prix International 5th Place
1991 Ipoh Kart Prix International Champion
1992 Petaling Jaya Kart Prix 5th Place
1992 Port Dickson Kart Prix International 2nd Place
1992 Kuantan Kart Prix International 2nd Place
1992 Kajang Kart Prix International 4th Place
1993 Klang Kart Prix Champion
1993 Petaling Jaya Kart Prix D.N.F
1994 Klang Kart Prix 2nd Place
1994 Langkawi Kart Prix D.N.F
1995 Brunei Shell International Kart Prix Champion
1995 Klang International Kart Prix 2nd Place
1995 Wilayah International Kart Prix Champion
1996 Langkawi Morac International Kart Prix 2nd Place
1996 Langkawi Marlboro International Kart Prix Champion
1996 Manila International Kart Prix Champion
1997 Club Race - Shah Alam Stadium Circuit Champion
1998 Shah Alam International Kart Prix Champion
1998 Kelab Kart Selangor Club Race Champion
1999 Shah Alam Kart Prix Round 1 Champion
1999 Shah Alam Kart Prix Round 2 Champion
2000 KBS Ford Malaysia Kart Prix Round 1 Champion
2000 Kelantan Go-Kart International Championship Champion
2000 Asean Kart Prix 2000 - Langkawi 6th Place
2000 Oceania 2000 International Championships 11th Place


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